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Friday, September 22, 2006

Voice of Verizon

James Earl Jones came to the Ramsdell to do a benefit for the renovation of the old Dickson School in Brethren (where he graduated from high school). I was lucky enough to be an usher. He read some Longfellow and Walt Whitman, but my favorite was when he read The Raven by Edgar Allen Poe. He also took questions from the audience. It was an awesome experience. James Earl Jones could captivate an audience reading names from the phone book or my grocery list!!! It's hard to believe that he was practically mute from a severe stutter as a youth. He credits one of his teachers, Mr. Crouch, with unlocking his voice--to which we owe Mr. Crouch a huge debt of gratitude!!


Blogger calabanya said...

I remember meeting him in Manistee, Rox. He called his time there discovering the voice of God within

7:09 PM

Blogger roxley said...

And that voice is a wonderful gift from God (or Allah, or whatever higher power)!

7:56 AM


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